Roberta Metsola
President of the European Parliament

Members of the European Parliament

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The European Union was established as a community of sovereign nations that, through cooperation, wish to achieve peace on the continent and ensure the free movement of people and goods in order to build a prosperous Europe. Now, some of the MEPs are striving to destroy the key premise of this cooperation, that is, the respect for the sovereignty of the community’s member states, by proposing the amendment of treaties on the functioning of the European Union.

The draft of the amendments to the EU treaties was prepared by five MEPs from Belgium and Germany (Guy Verhofstadt of the “Renew Europe” faction, Prof. Sven Simon of the European People’s Party faction, Gabriele Bischoff – deputy head of the Socialists and Democrats faction, Daniel Freund of the Green faction and Helmut Scholz of the Left faction). Its implementation will abolish the sovereignty of nation-states and will create a European superstate.

The draft provides for 267 amendments to the EU treaties, which include, among other things, expanding the EU’s competencies in the fields of climate policy, energy, security, economy or social policy. It also assumes modification of EU legislative procedures, strengthening of the role of the EU Court of Justice and changing of the rules for conducting foreign and security policy of the EU. On October 25, 2023, the European Parliament’s Committee on Constitutional Affairs approved the draft prepared by the 5 MEPs and in the next step the European Parliament will deliberate on it.

The most dangerous of the proposed changes is the abolition of the principle of unanimity in the Council of the European Union process of decision making on certain areas of EU operation. In practice, this will lead to the abolition of nation-states autonomy and will deprive them of a voice in matters crucial to their future. As a result, a few of the richest countries of Western Europe may obtain full domination of the EU, which will enable them to vote through initiatives unfavorable to a majority of smaller and poorer countries of the EU Eastern and Southern part.

In addition, the proposed draft is ideological in its nature and it is dominated by the rhetoric of the extreme left. It attempts to eliminate the distinction between the two biological sexes and to replace terms “woman and man” with “socio-cultural gender”, which is hidden under the English word “gender”. The attempt to abolish the biological division into two sexes will introduce confusion into EU law, discriminatory practices and health risks for people suffering from gender identity disorders. It may also result in the punishment of those defending the definition of biological sex. We strongly protest against this.

The transformation proposed by leftist radicals is a de facto abolition of the European Union formed as a community of independent nations that cooperate on the basis of unanimity and consensus. In its place would be a United States of Europe with Euroland states deprived of their autonomy, whose internal and external policies will be controlled from Brussels, by people whose interests often conflict with those of nation states. That is why we ask you to reject the proposed amendments to the Treaties on the Functioning of the EU. There will be no united Europe without sovereign nation-states.

The Eurocrats want to abolish nation-states

Five left-wing radicals have proposed changes to the Treaties on the Functioning of the European Union that lead to the “federalization” of the EU. However, this euphemism hides in reality the idea to establish a centralized superstate with mechanisms of democracy limited bureaucratically. According to the proposed changes, our homeland and other European countries should renounce their sovereignty and autonomy in favor of power holders in Brussels.

The proposed changes have been adopted by the Constitutional Affairs Committee of the European Parliament. Now they will be presented to the MEPs who will deliberate on the future of the European Union. Therefore, we are addressing them with a petition, in which we demand that they defend the sovereignty of EU states and reject the draft amendments to the treaties.


What does the proposed change to the treaties mean?

  • A serious reduction in the principle of unanimity (veto power) in the Council of the EU – a few of the most populous countries will be able to easily outvote many smaller nations in the EU,
  • A huge transfer of power from nation-states to Brussels on issues such as:
    • climate
    • energy
    • security
    • economy
    • social policy
    • health policy
    • education
    • civil defense
  • strengthening the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU, which in the past has already ruled against various states in accordance with the dominant ideology or without having a treaty delegation in a given case),
  • changes to the rules of EU foreign policy conduct,
  • gender “newspeak” instead of the concepts of “woman” and “man.”
  • the introduction of the EU referendum to approve treaty changes bypassing all national governments,
  • turning the institution of the European Commission into an even more powerful “European Executive.”

Communist godfather of the initiative

The project’s preamble refers to the Ventotene Manifesto, whose main initiator and author was Communist Altiero Spinelli. This figure inspired the renewal of the European Union after Brexit, which came as a shock to supporters of the Federation.

The Manifesto contains many claims of the radical left, which are familiar from the Soviet propaganda, including blaming the “ideology of national independence” for both world wars. The authors of the document identified the pursuit of “the final abolition of the division of Europe into nation-states” as a condition for progress. The author of the Ventotene Manifesto recognized that such a federation, as contradictory to the national Christian tradition of Europe, could be only formed on the ruins of the old European nation-states-based order.

Spinelli’s manifesto is the foundation of the post-war socialist revolution, advocating that “private property is to be abolished, limited, corrected.” This Italian communist was enthusiastic about the idea of dictatorship (which, in essence, the Eurofederalists attempt to usher in today), for, as he wrote, “the dictatorship of the revolutionary party will create a new state, and around it a new, true democracy.” But true democracy can never be ushered in by centralized power, or be based on Marxist ideological assumptions and fight against national identity.

Altiero Spinelli – Italian Communist Party, European Federalist Movement

Let’s defend the sovereignty of our countries

We do not want our national identity to dissolve into a European socialist utopia planned by a group of radicals from Brussels.

We want a strong and independent homeland cooperating with other nations of the Community on a partnership basis.

Do you agree? Sign the petition!