Charles Michel

President of the European Council

Heads of State and Government of the European Union countries

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The European Union was established as a community of sovereign nations that wish to achieve peace on the continent and ensure the free movement of people and goods to build a prosperous Europe in peaceful cooperation. The key premise of this cooperation, that is, the respect for the sovereignty of the community’s member states, is currently being undermined by the recent attempt at revision of the EU treaties proposed in the European Parliament resolution of November 2023.

If implemented, the amendments drafted by five MEPs from Belgium and Germany will abolish the sovereignty of nation-states and will establish a European superstate.

The draft provides for 267 amendments to the EU treaties, which eliminate the right of veto in 10 areas fundamental to the independence, sovereignty and self-determination of nations, including border protection, foreign policy, security and national defense, cross border infrastructure, manufacturing, health policy, monetary policy, environmental protection, family law and education.

The proposed reform constitutes a de facto liquidation of the European Union based on a community of free, independent, sovereign nations cooperating according to the principles of unanimity and consensus. It will be replaced by a highly centralized European superstate encompassing provinces – former nation states, whose domestic and foreign policies shall be determined outside of their borders and without regard for the will of their people.

The draft was approved by the European Parliament in November 2023, thus starting the procedure of the European Treaty change, which shall require the approval of all EU states. The decision on further actions rests in your hands now.

Therefore, we demand that you respect and protect the sovereignty of EU member states and reject the changes to the EU Treaties proposed by the European Parliament.

There will be no unification of Europe without respect for the sovereignty of nation states!

Citizens of the European Union Member States

The Eurocrats want to abolish nation-states

Five promoters of radical centralization of the European Union have proposed 267 changes to the Treaties on the Functioning of the European Union, which will eliminate completely the sovereignty of EU Member States, if implemented. Key decisions concerning the EU Member States shall be taken on the EU forum without consideration for the national interest and the will of the majority in individual states. According to the proposed changes all European countries should renounce their sovereignty and autonomy.

The proposed changes were adopted by the European Parliament in November 2023, initiating this way the Treaty change procedure, where the leaders of Member States have a decisive voice. Therefore, we are addressing them with a petition, in which we demand that they defend the sovereignty of EU states and reject the draft amendments to the treaties.


What does the proposed change to the treaties mean?

The proposed change provides for the abolition of the principle of unanimity (veto power) in the European Council and the Council of the EU. None of the EU Member States will be able to block any decisions, which are contrary to its national interest and the will of its citizens.

After the change of the Treaties, the EU Member states will not have the power to decide in such key areas as:

  • border protection
  • foreign policy
  • national security and defense
  • cross-border infrastructure
  • manufacturing
  • healthcare policy
  • monetary policy
  • environmental protection
  • family law
  • education

The communist godfather of the initiative

The proponents of the changes do not even try to hide their goals and their inspiration. The project’s preamble refers to the Ventotene Manifesto by the Italian Communist Altiero Spinelli.

The Manifesto blames the “ideology of national independence” for both world wars. Therefore, Spinelli decided that the pursuit of “the final abolition of the division of Europe into nation-states” is a condition for peace and progress in Europe. The author of the Ventotene Manifesto recognized that such a federation, as contradictory to the national traditions of Christian Europe, could be only formed on the ruins of the old European nation-states-based order.

This Italian communist was enthusiastic about the idea of dictatorship and he even wrote that “the dictatorship of the revolutionary party will create a new state, and around it a new, true democracy.”

Spinelli’s dangerous vision is currently being implemented.

The proponents of the changes are open about it.

Altiero Spinelli – Italian Communist Party, European Federalist Movement

Let’s defend the sovereignty of our countries

We do not want a new socialist utopia planned by a group of radicals to destroy the identity of European Nations under the guise of EU integration.

We oppose the liquidation of the independence of our national states.

We want to decide about the policies of our states!

Do you agree? Sign the petition!